Jiri Manasek

Jiri Manasek

Web and online marketing expert with obsession in WebVR!

Mixins provide a way to compose and reuse commonly-used sets of component properties - thast all, what can you read on website Aframe.io

Panoramatic 360° images is one of things, which we expect from WebVR. With A-frame is it very easy and fast implementation.

In A-frame framework we can easily use textures to objects or models. Look how to use it.

In this post we can learn more parametrs, which can are usefull in better work with object. We will rotate with cube, show some options how to work with dimensions etc.. 

Like a first, you must be really patient with this great framework. On the web Aframe.io is very good documentation with few examples. But is there many thinks, which can waste your time.


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